booking information


Travel fee : $60
This applies to weekday traffic hours only:
6a-9a; 4p-7p

Holiday rates: 1.5x

Sizable event considerations:
Parties after 100 individuals will include an additional +$50/hr per every 50 additional guests…
For example:
Coverage for a party of 250 guests for 2hrs would equate to $300; in addition to booking & hourly fees.


general events

Booking rate $250 (1st hour)

Dinners, child/adult birthdays, adult parties, (etc…)


Life events

Booking rate $350 (1st hour)

Babyshower, bris, baby-naming ceremony (etc…)



Rates begin at $4,000

Entirely custom packages;
worldwide availability…

Understanding the process…

Once you’ve received a booking confirmation for your event, you can expect punctual service scheduled for coverage. Upon arrival, communication of any details are noted and the camera is released to the rhythm of the room. Flashes, shutter and noise are all considered; according to a room’s emotional atmosphere. Toward the end of the affair, any final requests will be taken and service ends as promptly as it began.

The post-process: All images go through a selection process and undergo editing for lighting, tones, white balance adjustments, rotation balance, crop/composition and slight skin retouching. Additional developing goes into life events & even more especially into weddings. Final images are then uploaded to a temporary cloud to which you will receive a link via text/e-mail to download and/or share—within 24hrs! Weddings will have longer turnaround.


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Adult dinner, child birthday, bris, baby-naming, wedding...
(i.e. Saturday Jan. 1, 2019. 9am-12n)
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