Fall Brewery Artwalk: Oct. 13 & 14th (Sat&Sun)


”The Brewery Artwalk is a twice annual, open studio weekend at the worlds largest art complex. With over 100 participating resident artists, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artwork directly from the artists’ studios.

Admission and parking are free. Come and support LA’s finest artists…”

Brewery Artwalk Association

“The Brewery is home to practitioners of artistic media that include painting, sculpture, photography, industrial design, architecture and experimental new media.”


Dear friends…we’d like to welcome you to our open studio, The Artery, during this Fall Brewery Artwalk! We will be displaying the works of our in-house photographer-collective artists as usual, in our gallery space. Yet for the first time, we will be extending into our production studio to showcase a local artist we are supporting; in his very first solo exhibit: Painter Tyler Flanders. Please feel welcome to visit us at the studio and enjoy the weekend on the Brewery campus with endless amounts of art, food and drink!

Artery tip: This is a family friendly event with around 10k visitors throughout the weekend. There is plenty of walking and exploring to do on the Brewery campus, which hosts a central beergarden along with food trucks along Moulton Ave. You will find plenty of art and just as equally, plenty of food and drink—please be respectful to each space and especially considerate to the artists and their work/space! To fully enjoy yourself, without restraint: please consider Uber/Lyft.

Directions to the entrance of The Brewery Artwalk



The Brewery Artist Colony in Los Angeles is a 16-acre compound that sits on twenty-one former industrial buildings and includes the original #3 Edison steam power plant dating back to 1904. The Brewery stood as a major beer producer for Los Angeles as a few different companies, most notably: The Los Angeles Brewing Company since 1897 and Pabst Blue Ribbon until 1979.

Since 1982, among the remnants of this booming industrial era, lives a community of artists and art production of all forms—from hand-forging artisans to composers of expression and dance. To this day, The Brewery has maintained complete artist occupancy and continues to support a thriving; authentic, true artist community.

Moulton Ave. Entrance to Brewery Artist Colony, 2018

Moulton Ave. Entrance to Brewery Artist Colony, 2018

Pabst Brewery, 1954

Pabst Brewery, 1954

Brewery Artwalk, 2017. Credit:  Cynthia Friedlob

Brewery Artwalk, 2017. Credit: Cynthia Friedlob

Edison Steam Plant #3, c.1900’s

Edison Steam Plant #3, c.1900’s