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Welcome to The Artery, Los Angeles


The Artery is a community-driven production studio for fresh, creative, independent ARTISTS. it is DEDICATED TO providing a facilitative work space to nurture casual and ambitious projects.

We support the arts, artists and STAND AS a platform for the creative production culture.



In anatomy, the artery pumps freshly oxygenated blood throughout the tissues—providing vitality and life. Art has a similar function in the multi-cellular network of our society.

The concept was inspired by our location on the map and the fact that the Brewery Artist Colony is the largest live/work artist colony in the world. It is located beside the 5, 10, 2, 101 and 110 freeways; considerably the main artery of the city.

We are dedicated to supporting our community and bridging creative networks.

We thank you for taking the time…

- Steve Lucero

- Marsh Lucero
Studio Director/Artist Advocate

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